Baddies Toronto // Episode 2 Must Eat (Toronto)

Merry Christmas, you guys!!! 🙂

Welcome to the second episode of my food series. For those who are tuning in for the first time, I’ve started a food series where I write about one of my favourite restaurants (every Monday 9pm EST) that includes my pictures and personal recommendations. And yes, only the favourites will make it on to these blog posts so if I don’t like it, I won’t write about it #ItsADogEatDogWorld. Anyway, for more information, check out my first post on NomĂ© Izakaya where you can get dollar oysters every Tues & Wednesdays and hands down one of my favourite restaurants in the GTA.

Anyway, to kick off today’s episode, I’ve decided to write about a brunch place that’s located more towards downtown… not exactly downtown core but… LOL don’t hate me you guys.. the next episode will be more downtown I swear. To be quite honest I was kind of afraid I wouldn’t like the food here because I read some of the Google reviews beforehand and a few people said it wasn’t that great… but fortunately, I actually LOOOVED the food, it was one of the best places I’ve had for brunch so I have to share it with you all.

So today’s guest of honour is… BADDIES TORONTO!!!

look at how cute this is!!! ahhhh ❤


  • The food is good AND it’s picturesque!
  • The brunch prices start around $10-$11 rather than some other brunch places that start at $15/16 (only gets really expensive when you add a bunch of extra stuff)
  • Right by the subway station!!


  • Located @ Bathurst & Lansdowne – once again, this isn’t exactly downtown core but it’s SUPER easy to get to since it’s right beside Lansdowne station!
  • If you are driving, there is a bunch of Green P’s in adjacent streets and there is also a parking garage across the restaurant!
  • Exact address: 679 Lansdowne Ave, Toronto, ON M6H 3Y9


****Based on personal experience. 

Got to try two food items when I was here and it was amazing so I definitely suggest getting those:

  1. Smashed Avocado ($10) – great vegetarian option
  2. Brekkie Roll ($9) – This is what I got personally… it was SOOO good. There’s bacon & eggs in it!
  3. Cappuccino – You definitely don’t have to get this exact thing but I highly recommend their coffee because it tasted pretty good and also their coffee art was on point (unlike some other places #unimpressed) 
Smashed Avocado


Brekkie Roll
who can say no to this coffee?!?

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this short & sweet post! Make sure to check this place out!! ❤

Merry Christmas everyone!


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