tbt to one of the first logo designs LOL
tbt to one of the first logo designs LOL

Hey there! Welcome to my blog getawei (pronounced “getaway”get it? ;))

I started this blog during my first year at Western University (2014 I think?)  to document my life – that way when I’m old and grey, I can look back and relive all my memories #cheesyaf. What motivated me to start this blog was really sheer boredom, my love for writing, and the realization that my pictures weren’t accurate enough. I mean, some pictures can look amazing but did you really have a good time? Or did you have a good time and not take pictures? #doyouknowwhatimsaying.

Anyway, this blog has gone through quite a journey. Like I said, first year gave me a lot of free time so I posted almost every week and usually things were random AF. Second year, I grinded through school because all that writing the previous year gave me a low average and I was still trying to aim for The Ivey (jk nobody calls it that) so there wasn’t a lot of writing going on there… and finally after getting into the program (I know, I cried too… but seriously like I just made it #prayingworks) so I definitely didn’t have time to write. And finally, in my last year… well… let’s just say that exchange brings the perfect opportunity and meaning to the name getawei.


Hi there! My name’s Lisa and that’s not even really my name. But seriously, nowhere in my legal documents say “Lisa” but since it’s what most people know me by, let’s just go with that #AsianParentsWhoWontLegallyChangeMyNameProblems #WhoCanRelate. Despite my love for writing, I have a sincere distaste for writing my own profile because I never quite know what to say. I guess we can start off with the most generic and boring stuff like the fact that I’m a student studying business at Western University but not really because I’m on exchange so I’m not even at Western. ON THE OTHER HAND… I’m currently at Bocconi University in Italy (but barely because I never go to class #donttellmymom).

Anyway, moving on. Since most people are going to assume I’m Korean/half-Korean/Korean-something/Kimchi, I’m just going to go ahead and say that I was in fact born on a beautiful island named Taiwan. Even though I was born on that said island, my lovely parents decided to move us to Beautiful British Columbia all the way to Canada where I was blessed with really, really, reaaaaallly good sushi and lots of rain (ew). I also met the love of my life there – salmon sashimi. I know nothing lasts forever but my love for sashimi will only grow #DramaQueenHour. I spend most of my days exaggerating everything and laughing ’til I have back pain #IShouldSeriouslyGetThatChecked so if you can do either of those, we will be great friends. If you ask me right now what I want to do in my future, I’m going to respond by giving you a very blank stare (you’re probably better off not asking that question to avoid any sort of awkwardness). However, I do want to figure that out soon and hopefully this blog can help me get there. And now I’m going to end this page by saying something super cheesy: I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing in it #DoesntThatJustMakeYouTear.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions/comments!