Café Cancan // Episode 4 Must Eat (Toronto)

Hi everyone!

It’s Monday!!!!! you know what that means 😉 #WorstDayEver but at least you have THIS post to look forward to right?!?!?! 😉

Not to remind you every damn week (but I’m gonna until it sticks), if you are tuning in for the first time, I’ve started a food series where I write about one of my favourite restaurants (every Monday 9pm EST) that includes my pictures and personal recommendations. And yes, only the favourites will make it on to these blog posts so if I don’t like it, I won’t write about it #ItsADogEatDogWorld. Anyway, for more information, check out my first post on Nomé Izakaya where you can get dollar oysters every Tues & Wednesdays and hands down one of my favourite restaurants in the GTA.

This episode is going to be another photogenic place with amazing food (seriously the best combination)…


Café Cancan seriously has their shit together. This is one of those restaurants where you walk in and you’re like YAAASSS. Because you can honestly tell that every little thing was thoroughly thought of. A+ for effort if you ask me. Even their washrooms are adorable (don’t have a  picture for y’all, I’m sorry). Not only is this place beautiful on the outside, it is also beautiful on the inside :’) aka the food is amazing (duh or else I wouldn’t be writing about it), but also the décor is on point. Btw, this is a French restaurant.

Before we start officially, let me begin with a disclaimer which is the fact that I’ve only gone here once (because I just discovered it and ate there so I can’t hold it in anymore … I gotta share). So I can’t give you the best best list of recommendations (but the beauty is that each time I go, I’ll come back and update this list!) but I can definitely tell you the food I’ve already had and some of the things I want to try in the future.

Outfit details: Sweater: Calvin Klein Coat: Aritzia Stedman Coat Boots: Jeffrey Campbell

This time, I went there for lunch (not brunch), but the next time I go, I’m definitely going to come when they’re serving brunch (only on weekends) and dinner.


  • Located @ Spadina & Harbord – not exactly right at the intersection but v close!
  • If you are driving, there a bunch of street parking.. and here’s the best part… IT’S FREE! (thank mighty God)
  • Reservations allowed – they’re really good about it!
  • Exact address: 89 Harbord Street, Toronto, ON, M5S 1G5


Since it’s a French restaurant and I went with Lucas, I knew he wanted to try the escargots but it’s only offered at dinner… but thankfully the wait staff was nice enough to ask the kitchen and they made it for us at lunch anyway.

  1. Roast Beef Sandwich
  2. Escargots – THIS WAS AMAZINGGG omg. We got bread to go along with it and we ate every last drop. If you’ve never tried escargots I highly recommend trying it here!
  3. Cappuccino 

If you’ve ever tried brunch or dinner here, please let me know your recommendations! 😀 I would love to hear them.

Enjoy your week everyone!



Flashback Friday #5: How I Met My Roommates (HIMMR) – Part 1

Since HIMYM is coming to an end, I thought I’d start my own version by sharing the story of how I met my roommates (HIMMR). But I promise you it won’t be as long as HIMYM because I really don’t want to deprive you from your basic needs like food and sleep just so I can blab for 10 years like Ted Mosby (how inconsiderate) (jk, I love the show).

love this show

A lot of people assume I knew my roommates from before because we’re pretty tight but that’s actually not true at all. The truth is, I met them based on pure luck (aka fate). If you want the short story, I met them after I had already signed my lease and claimed my bedroom #sketchy. But luckily, I happened to like them (LOVE them actually) so… #THANKYOULORD #IAMBEYONDBLESSED

our first picture together!!

Now, for those curious folks, this long version’s for you. And me. And this blogpost. But let’s just say it’s for you so you feel special for the day #ImSuchASweetheart.

Once upon a time in a land far, far, away (Vancouver)… Lisa Wei was sitting in her room having an anxiety attack (well… that escalated quickly). No but like legit, an anxiety attack.This was due to the fact that she had applied to Western a couple months back (March/April ish) and they still didn’t tell her whether or not she got accepted even though it was already freaking AUGUST like frick how long are you gonna take?! ANYWAY… (I’m gonna stop writing in 3rd person now) I was extremely anxious because since I was in Vancvouer at the time, I had no idea where the hell I was going to live coming September (TRUST, YOU WOULD BE ANXIOUS TOO). You see, I didn’t have a place in Toronto because I was really hoping that Western would’ve accepted me already so I didn’t bother looking for an apartment. But since they never got back to me… I was homeless. #DramaQueenHour. But really though, I debated between staying in Vancouver for a year doing nothing, go back to Toronto but live on the streets, or sell my soul (jk but I was really desperate so I might have considered).

the picture says "I'M ON TOP OF THE WORLD!" but the mind says "I AM SO EFFING SCREWED!"
the picture says “I’M ON TOP OF THE WORLD!” but the mind says “I AM SO EFFING SCREWED!”

Despite my nameste-looking pictures that summer, little did you know, behind that smile I was stressed the eff out (do you see why FB pictures are so deceiving?!). My parents were really worried for me (as they should cause their poor little girl might be living in a bush), so we ended up making the decision to stick with UofT because at least they wanted me at their school :’)

me with the woman who not only gave me life but saved my life #LOVEYOU
me with the woman who not only gave me life but saved my life #LOVEYOU

Even though I decided to just suck it up and stick to living in Toronto, it didn’t solve the issue of my homelessness. Eventually the date of my flight rolled around and I knew I would be landing with no place to go. Thankfully, that morning:

Mom: Would you feel better if I came with you?
Me (outloud): yeah… sure… I guess… if you want… you really don’t need to…
Mom: Okay, I’ll see if I can get a ticket

pizza's one of our fave foods
pizza’s one of our fave foods

You know that feeling when you want something but it’s not very polite of you to ask so you’re just dying for them to bring it up so you don’t have blood on your hands and at the same time make it seem like it was their idea? (eg. your friend had food and you didn’t want to be like ‘can i have some’ so you wait for them to be like ‘do you want any?’ and you’re like “FINALLY WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG TO ASK” #JustAdmitIt #YouTotallyDoThat) Yeah, that was me.

Luckily, we fell in love with the first house we visited so we immediately signed the lease (this is still in Toronto, btw). After the lease was signed, I went for my frosh leader training for UofT. Four hours into the orientation, I received an email from Western saying that I got into Western (aka they want me #YeahThatsRight).

My reaction:

are you F&*&^*#&@$ JOKING ME RIGHT NOW?!

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I was thrilled but SERIOUSLY?! Dude, I just signed the lease that same morning, why do you have to do this to me?!?!?! My head was racing because I wanted to go, but I didn’t have any of my courses picked out and I didn’t have a place to live. Logically, it wasn’t circumstantially in my favour to accept the offer. But thankfully, I have an extremely encouraging mother (LOVE YOU MOMMA) and best friend (hi Jen) who told me that I should always do what I feel is right because all those other things can be dealt with later. Either way, I was under pressure to make a decision between Western vs. UofT within the span of 10 minutes. And that, my friend, was when Drake’s wise words came to play. YO to the freakin’ LO. #IDontEvenLikeHim #OhWellYOLO

After I made my decision, I went back to the landlord and I told him my dilemma and he actually encouraged me to go and “follow my dreams” #DontTellMeWhatToDo. He even ripped the lease and gave me my deposit back #WhatANiceMan. With that, momma Wei and I packed my bags YET AGAIN and drove to London.

what could’ve been, London Hall, what could have been…

At this point all the residences were (apparently) full so I couldn’t live on campus (side note, on Sept 5 London Hall emailed me saying that they had one bedroom. …. … … #RUSerious). I was sure I had to live alone for the year. That weekend, I probably went into 7 different apartments/houses/bushes/cardboard boxes but still couldn’t find what I was looking for. I had one last apartment coming up and I was pretty darn sure I was gonna take it regardless of whether or not I liked it. At that point, it didn’t matter my preferences because I just needed to find a roof over my head #Despo. Now… you might be guessing that the last apartment = my roommates’ apartment yaddi yadda and we lived happily ever after. Right?



sorry guys



Stay tuned for next week! (hahahaha apparently I think I’m legit by talking like it’s actually a TV show that’s being aired) #IWish



Flashback Friday #4: Transferring

This week I thought I would write about transferring schools. I’m starting to know more people who are thinking about doing the same thing so hopefully this will provide some insight :). It was around this time last year when I had the idea to transfer so it makes this the perfect flashback. Enjoy!

my first apartment :') -- Bloor & St George, what more can you ask for?
my first apartment :’) — Bloor & St George, what more can you ask for?

I’m currently at UWO (Western University/University of Western Ontario/whatever they call themselves now) after spending a year at UTSG (University of Toronto, St. George Campus). To clarify, I’m a second year student, but I’m a “first year” at Western. Basically, I thought the stress of moving to Toronto from Vancouver wasn’t enough so I decided to reward myself with more stress by moving from Toronto to London.

view from my building! :)
view from my building! 🙂

Since UTSG has always been my dream university, I never thought I would leave so soon. I mean, I even packed my many, many, MANY, bags and waved good-bye to good ol’ rainy Vancity whilst saying, “see yah later, suckahs”. So if that was the case, what made me break up with my dream school? I guess it’s important to first understand that I was applying to Ontario schools while sitting comfortably in my chair in beautiful British Columbia. Yeah… not the most accurate way to choose your universities if you’ve never even been there and you’re just looking at the pretty pictures from the brochures. Oh, and seeing websites like these, especially if you have asian parents. Don’t get me wrong, UofT is an amazing school. The problem wasn’t the school… it was me. (“Babe, it’s not you… it’s me…”)

the girl responsible for me being here 😉 you might know her – she’s this amazing individual who thought winning a bus for my high school wasn’t enough so she went on winning the TD Bank scholarship, is now an activist for sustainability & veganism, and she is beginning to start her own company which is being launched this summer and has already made a significant amount of profit off stocks #NBD #WhatHaveYOUDoneWithYourLife), goes to Western.

When people ask me what motivated me to transfer, I associate it with two things: fate and Jennifer. After Jen came to UofT to visit me (really, she was there to watch the Lady GaGa concert but I like to think of it as her missing me too much), she suggested that I visit her at Western (maybe she asked to be nice but I went anyway #Oops #YesIAmTHATGirl). We agreed on a specific weekend that was good for the two of us. However, as life would have it, apparently everyone thought that was a good weekend to visit their friends at Western so the prices were close to the hundos for round trip. Obviously I had no intention of working on the streets with my body parts hanging out anytime soon, I ended up purchasing the cheapest round-trip tickets to London for some random weekend. Turns out, it wasn’t a random weekend. It was the weekend that would change the course of my life forever (let’s envision the word “forever” echoing for dramatic effects).#DramaQueenHour

Since I didn’t have class on Fridays (God bless you, Professor Pesando), I tagged along to Jen’s first year business class #1220 (yes, the nerd that I am went on vacation away from school only to go to class at another school). So here I am, walking into her small @$$ business class with everyone staring at me with their eyes saying “she doesn’t even go here” (Mean Girls style). I fell in love with the class  because not only does the professor knows your name, you also get to participate!!! #NerdAlert

at charity ball 2014! :)
at charity ball 2014! 🙂

It blew my mind that university classes had the potential to be that small. You might not think none of those things sound appealing, but trust me, when your business class consists of 1, 500 people, it felt good to be noticed. Quite frankly, if you miss a class at that size, nobody really gives a damn.

I also got the chance to visit my friend Sahil (we met on exchange!).

I would fight with everyone to sit beside SASA so he could be my shoulder rest for the bus ride LOOOOOOL #fbf
I would fight with everyone to sit beside SASA so he could be my shoulder rest for the bus ride LOOOOOOL #fbf

He got me to try a shawrama for the first time. Oh. My. God. I was in heaven. When I took that first bite, my brain had to legitimately fight with itself to decide what I like most: shawrama or sushi (sushi eventually won but it was SO close you have no idea). Anyway, it was good to see SASA again because the last time I saw him was probably in Turkey.

SASA (he hates it when I call him that but I do it anyway) and I on exchange in Turkey!!! :D
SASA (he hates it when I call him that but I do it anyway) and I on exchange in Turkey!!! 😀

On Saturday, Jen convinced me to go to some fashion show with her. Since I had no reason to say no, I bought a ticket with her and attended the show. Turns out, it wasn’t just some random fashion show. It was… *drum roll please* CAISA FASHION SHOW PRESTIGE 2013!!!!!! *fireworks please* Before my brain had time to recuperate, it was blown yet again. One of the many reasons why I was thoroughly impressed was the fact that it was completely student-run with all proceeds going towards charity. And I guess the fact that they had hot guys dancing shirtless on stage didn’t hurt either.

who knew my future roomie was gonna be just behind those curtains?!
who knew my future roomie was gonna be just behind those curtains?!

Side story: when I watched the show I definitely did not think I would be part of it the year after or the fact that my future roommate and some of my closest friends this year were somewhere backstage.

aaanddd.. who knew a year later I would be part of CFS?! So honoured to be part of such an amazing team! <3 :)
aaanddd.. who knew a year later I would be part of CFS?! So honoured to be part of such an amazing team!

My last day in London was on St. Patty’s Day so I got to witness the huge amount of school spirit at Western. It was such a different scene compared to UofT since Homecoming wasn’t that big of a deal. To tell you the truth, I don’t even know what the mascot is. It was just amazing to see everyone roaming the streets wearing green; it reminded me of the spirit of the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver and the Stanley Cup finals. Thinking back, I always remembered Jennifer voicing Western so positively with an immense amount of love and pride for her school that I didn’t feel like I had for mine at the time. After witnessing first hand last year, it definitely made the thought of transferring enticing. It wasn’t that I wasn’t happy at UofT, it had more to do with the fact that I wanted to feel ecstatic and overwhelmed with school spirit.

UWO school spirit – “I can’t find a seat…”
UofT school spirit – “I can’t find anyone to go with me…”

That being said, it wasn’t really enough for me to follow through with transferring. In fact, I’ll let you in on a secret. Even after I applied to transfer, I was almost certain I was going to chicken out and not do it.  That might explain why I never bothered telling any of my friends or family I applied because let’s be real, moving is scary and I didn’t think I would YOLO that hard.

Ultimately, I made my decision based on the fact that I really wanted to enjoy my undergrad experience. I knew that by transferring, I could potentially lose a BCOM degree and my (asian) parents’ dream in their daughter graduating from “the best university in Canada” (vs. graduating from “Western… who?”).

ma lovely parents - even this cute picture couldn't keep me from moving away
ma lovely parents – even this cute picture couldn’t keep me from moving away

I guess after much thought, I realized that I really didn’t care where I graduated from or what degree I get to wave in front of people’s faces as long as I was happy throughout undergrad and I made lifelong friends that can make superb speeches at my wedding.

I’d also like to note that despite our (me and UTSG’s) incompatibility, it was one of the most important years of my life. A lot of people ask me if it would’ve been better if I had just gone to Western straight out of first year. My answer is no. I don’t think I would’ve appreciated my school as much nor would I be as happy. My year in Toronto also kickstarted my self-discovery due to the abundance of independence I gained. Besides, I got to live in the heart of downtown (shoutout to Woodsworth Res, best location everrrrrrr) and met amazing people I still keep in touch with today. #DoYouHaveCrackers #BecauseItsReallyCheesyHere

What I can really take away (or awei, whichever you prefer) from this experience is that I learned first hand that the higher the risk, the higher the reward (dear biz prof, are you proud?). What I’m trying to say is that if there’s something you really want to do and you’re unsure whether or not you should do it… DO IT (unless it’s illegal then DON’T DO IT). But yeah. #WorstAdviceEver #DontListenToMe #GreatWay #GreatWeiToEndThisBlogPost


Flashback Friday #2: Blind Date (Part 2/2)

Last week I wrote about my unusual blind date experience but didn’t really finish the story. Sorry, I thought the post was getting too long… and also I was too lazy to write the rest (<— the real reason).


A quick recap for those too lazy to read my previous post and can relate to the above meme: went on a blind date with my bestie Maria with two guys we found online and we didn’t know who they were until during the date or what they looked like until after the date. You know, no matter how I say it, it still sounds creepy… so PLEASE, I beg you to skim over my last post so I don’t sound like some desperate, psychotic delinquent going through a quarter-life crisis.

waiting outside The Dark Table! :)
waiting outside The Dark Table! 🙂

Anyhow, I ended my last flashback post saying that I was waiting for my date in the dark whilst trying to jot down my #DearDiary moment. It was pretty cool because I was trying to focus on what I was writing but as you can see (from my previous post where I’ve included pictures), I was extremely distracted by the voices around me. When my date finally arrived (finally… #YouKnowItsThe21CenturyWhenTheGirlWaitsForTheGuy #RUSerious #JK #INeededToWaitSoIDidntSeeHisFace #WentOffTopic #Sorry #OkayBackToMyStory) we introduced ourselves with our real names and not “Alex”. Mine is Lisa (duhhhh, it’s basically written all over this page #sassy) and his is… DUN DUN DUNNN… *insert dramatic music from Star Wars #NeverSeenIt* … Alex (just kidding, it’s not Alex). But I’m not gonna say what it is because I’m not even sure if he knows I’m writing this #Oops.

let’s just tell this to “Alex”, shall we?

*Note: while I was on my date, Maria was at another table on the other side of the restaurant

After initial introductions and the conventional “how are you”s and “so nice to meet you”s, our conversation naturally directed itself to the realm of typical first-date topics. Now, it might be a good time for me to mention that while we continued to ask about each other’s family members and favourite colours, the food we preordered outside of the restaurant arrived. I ordered steak, and he ordered a vegetarian meal (he’s vegetarian and he was definitely judging my steak).

I think a lot of people underestimate the beauty of this restaurant. You see, being on a date and having the ability to not see anything?! BEAUTIFUL.

you can’t see meeeeeeeee OH YEE.

Do you even know what this means?!?!?!?! Oh THANK HEAVENS. For those of you who have had the pleasure (you’re welcome) of eating with me, you’ll know that I’m kinda (just kinda…) a messy eater who utilizes all the napkins in sight. So for me, this was like a dream come true.

thank you lord for blessing us with restaurants like these

The steak I ordered wasn’t your typical sirloin that required a lot of cutting. It felt more like the beef from Chinese restaurants, to be honest. That being said, there wasn’t much cutting involved. Which was fine by me because  I gave up using my fork after what felt like 3 minutes. I held my hands up and said to myself, “I shall eat like a Neanderthal today”.

I ate like this and nobody knew. #NailedIt

I was also leaning against the wall on the right hand side of me, so although my vocals made it sound like I was a very polite, well-polished young woman that any guy would die to bring home to his parents, I basically looked like this:

(I should really consider deleting my eating description before I become the prime example of a male repellent)

To me, the most exciting part about the date was trying to guess what he looks like based on his voice and the things he was telling me. Do you realize that the only other time you hear someone else’s voice without prior knowledge of their appearance is during a call to customer service? And even then, you don’t give a crap about what they look like because you’re so caught up on trying to think of pragmatic threats to Rogers so they can get you a better deal on your wireless phone plan.

I know, I know, you all want me to skip to the part about whether or not there will be a wedding because y’all were hoping for some romantic story like About Time who did basically the same thing. (I might add that I did this before the movie was released so… should Maria and I somehow be making money off this movie???)

copy cats.

The thing is… (I can already hear the cries of happy-ending believers) something hilarious happened that blew my mind. As it turns out… I knew the guy. I. freaking. knew. the. guy. OKAY LET’S JUST TAKE A MINUTE HERE AND LET THIS SINK IN. How SMALL can the world be?!?!?! Seriously. But to be honest, I feel like after keeping you guys all in suspense for 7 days, this ain’t a bad surprise, eh? (<— I’m sooo Canadian 😀 – side note: YAY FOR GOLD IN MEN’S HOCKEY!! #Swedana #hardtotrashtalksweden #hardtotrashtalkcanada #toocute #letsmakebabies) Cause I bet the pool of possibilities in your minds only consisted of a prince charming and a creeper. But I bet you didn’t expect… AN OLD FRIEND. HA!!!!!

my reaction when I realized I knew him

So how did I find this out? Well, I asked him about his plans for the weekend and he told me he planned to volunteer at a temple. After telling me more about his volunteer work, I realized that I volunteered at the temple when I was around 8(?) years old. We actually knew each other from way back then but we lost touch because I stopped going when my extracurriculars piled up like band, cadets, cadets, and oh yeah, cadets (dang, that took away so much of my time). Since I left the temple before Facebook was even invented, we never kept in touch.

why do I feel more like a damsel in distress now more than ever? LOL #fbf #dontmesswithmyclique
I was tougher 3 years ago… 😦 #cadets #toogirlynow LOL #fbf #dontmesswithmyclique

Needless to say, I no longer had to imagine what he looked like because I already had an idea. Instead, I spent the evening trying to picture how his 9 year old body evolved in the next 10 or so years.

how I envisioned his growth in 10 years

It was definitely an experience of a lifetime, and the fact that I knew him from before was a huge shocker for me. I remember there was a slight awkward silence when we both realized we knew each other. “Hey……………… ” LOL

And… that was my blind date story. Hope you all enjoyed it!


PS. There is a second video but I haven’t gotten around to editing it (thank you, midterms. Always a pleasure) so… until it’s edited, stay tuned!!!

we made this when we were in grade 9! We didn't go to the same high school so we make up our loss time by doing crazy things ;)
we made this when we were in grade 9! We didn’t go to the same high school so we make up our loss time by doing crazy things 😉

Flashback Friday #1: Blind Date (Part 1/2)

I’m starting a segment called Flashback Fridays. As I’ve mentioned in my intro post, I would really love to document my past experiences. Since I’ve only recently started my blog, I was unable to write about things I’ve done in the last 19 years (almost 20 – approaching the second decade! #Holla)

To kickstart my new segment, I’ll be writing about my first and only blind date. But prepare yourselves… it’s not your typical blind date where your friend sets you up with someone they think you might like but you actually end up thinking of ways to torture your friend later (like Rachel from FRIENDS).

I don’t know whether to feel bad for Rachel who endured a bad date or Phoebe who doesn’t know she’s about to be killed by Rachel LOL
Halloween 2007. "We so azn #1" LOOL. We were so cool. Who am I kidding? We still are.
Halloween 2007. “We so azn #1” LOOL. We were so cool. Who am I kidding? We still are.

I went on a blind date with my best friend from elementary school, Maria, during the summer of 2013. Since I was doing some summer courses at UBC, her roommate subleased her room to me and so began our many crazy roommate adventures.

*Note: We’ve also made a video documenting our blind date (before, during, and after).  Link at the end of this post.

crazy, ecstatic roommates :P
crazy, ecstatic roommates 😛

My good friend Eric told me about this relatively new restaurant in Vancouver called The Dark Table. The unique thing about this restaurant is that you eat in the dark and your servers are either blind or visually impaired. When I heard about it, I quickly rushed home to tell Maria. We started to joke around about how cool it would be if we were to have a blind date at that restaurant because you wouldn’t know what the other person looks like during the entire date. Side note: it started off as a joke.

Maria taking me on my first convertible ride! :) Summer 2013
Maria taking me on my first convertible ride! 🙂 Summer 2013

Anyway, as two single girls (at the time… sorry dudes, Maria’s taken now) in Vancouver running out of novel things to do, we decided to take the idea and run with it. Initially, we were going to set each other up with each other’s friends (for example, I would set Maria up with one of my single guy friends but she won’t know who he is until the end of the date and vice versa). But we thought about (get ready for the deep side of Mawisa – yes, that’s what we call ourselves) how we could really use this opportunity to eliminate bias before getting to know someone. I mean, think about it. When you meet someone, you helplessly form an impression. Whether it’s because of their looks, their clothes, or even their name, it is in our nature to form some sort of impression (good or bad). Even if you’re the nicest person out there who refuses to judge a book by its cover – let’s face it – you have some impression formed. So back to my story, we thought it would be ineffective to set each other up with our own friends just because we would obviously choose someone that would be slightly compatible with the other person. So to avoid that… we decided to try other means. (aaaanddd… this is where the crazy part comes in, ladies and gents)

Maria has the cutest little sister!
Maria has the cutest little sister!

We thought “where can we find people we’ve never met that would be willing to do this with us?” The one thing that really came to mind was – *drum roll please because I can already sense a freakout* – Craigslist. At first, we were going to make our own post but we thought against it. I mean, can you imagine the title of the post?! “TWO GIRLS WANTING TWO GUYS TO GO ON A DATE WITH THEM BUT WE DON’T NEED YOUR NAME OR ANY OTHER INFO JUST MEET US THERE”. Uh…  imagine all the creeps that would respond to that.

potentially our date if we posted our own ad
potentially our date if we posted our own ad

Instead, we decided to find our own dates through Craigslist under a section called “Men Seeking Women” (I SWEAR WE DID NOT KNOW ABOUT THAT SECTION UNTIL THIS EXPERIMENT). Now, keep in mind that the point of this “experiment” was to eliminate as much bias as we can but still do it safely so our pictures don’t end up on milk cartons.

We managed to find two anti-creepy posts by two friendly guys that were around our age. We responded to their ad to ask if they would be interested in this one-date venture. When they replied saying they were interested, we told them our plan. To make it more clear, I decided to type what we did in point-form below.

yeah, no. this is not happening to us. #safetyfirst #imintheprimeofmylifeyouknow
yeah, no. this is not happening to us. #safetyfirst #imintheprimeofmylifeyouknow

1. Setting a time

We made sure to set a time that worked for the 4 of us. This way, when Maria is on her date, I would be on mine. We would be there for each other if needed. #BestFriendsForever #PrentendToBeLesbiansIfAllFails #GotYoBackGirl

2. Calling the restaurant

The Dark Table requires prior reservations so we made sure we called the restaurant to set up 2 tables. The restaurant insists that all parties arrive before the reservation time so the server can bring you inside together. Since that wouldn’t work with our plan (we don’t want to know what they look like until after the date) we needed to specifically tell the restaurant so they can make alternate arrangements for us.

3. Utilizing unisex names!

We needed to leave a name for The Dark Table and we didn’t want to reveal our names prior to the date, so we made sure to use unisex names. This way, our dates would also be able to tell the servers the reservation name without spoiling information such as their ethnic backgrounds (eg. if their name was a traditional Chinese name, I would know beforehand that he is Chinese). Maria used Sam (her cat’s name!) and I used Alex (I’m not very original…).

4. Arriving before our dates.

We made sure to get there 15 minutes before the time we told our dates to ensure that we get inside the restaurant before they did. #ladiesfirst

5. Wait & Date! (Oh, I’m such a poet)

After waiting inside, we waited for our dates’ arrivals. #iwassoboredinside #icouldntusemyphone #icouldnttalktoanyone #iwaswritingblindlyinmynotebook

I was writing in my notebook as I was waiting for Alex because I couldn't do anything else LOL. Look how messed up my writing was hahaha
I was writing in my notebook as I was waiting for Alex because I couldn’t do anything else LOL.
LOL my writing was so messed up


stay tuned for part two next Friday! 🙂



PS. Our video version is here (excuse my poor video editing skills… it was my first time using iMovie LOL)