Ramen Isshin // Episode 3 Must Eat (Toronto)


Welcome to the 3rd episode of my weekly Food Posts #GetaweiFood and #GetaweiFoodTO (follow this hashtag on Instagram, y’all). To understand what this is, check out my first blog post here that explains a little more about these series. Also don’t forget to check out the last post which was a fantastic brunch spot called Baddies!

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Anyway, getting to this week’s post… I’m introducing to you


(my opinion of course haha there might be better ones according to other people but… are you reading their blog? Yeah didn’t think so. #SassyMondays)


This week’s special guest is my absolute favourite ramen spot in all of Toronto. I’ve been to so many ramen places including the top ones like Momofuku,Kinton, Sansotei, etc, but this restaurant I’m about to introduce you guys is BY FAR the winner in my eyes for the best ramen. Don’t believe me? This is also the only ramen place that has ever been able to surpass a 4.5 rating (currently sitting at 4.7) on Google with close to 800 reviews!!!!!!

Introducing… (not really but just broadcasting the message here)… RAMEN ISSHIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before I continue, I would like to say a special thanks to my amazing friend Lisha Fan for showing me this restaurant and taking me there first :’). I didn’t even take snaps/pictures my first time because it was just so damn good I scarfed it down.


  • Their noodles are absolutely unreal and it’s nothing like the other places I’ve tried
  • The soup base is also Roll-Your-Eyes-Back amazing
  • Their vegetarian options are BOMB. If you’re a vegetarian and you’ve been sad that you haven’t been able to try out ramen… do not fear. This is the best place you will ever find for vegetarian ramen!
  • The staff here is also very attentive and friendly. The service is great!


  • Downtown Toronto – Bathurst & College
  • Exact Address = 421 College Street, Toronto, ON M5T 1T1 (again, I don’t know why you would want to have the postal code but here it is)
  • Wait time is typically around 15-30 minutes depending on:
    • Your party size
    • If you’re willing to sit on the counter / bar, if you’re willing to share a table, or if you only want actual seats
  • But not to worry, you can wait indoors since it’s like -234873958 degrees right now #Toronto


***Disclaimer: these are my personal favourites and suggestions

So before I give you a point-form version that we all love to see, I just want to say that I’ve been here 3 times. In total, I’ve tried 5 different dishes. To me, there was a clear winner and what really set this place apart from other ramen places was their Kotteri Shoyu Ramen (I’ve attached pictures of their menu below). Everything about that dish was amazing – the noodles & the broth as well as the toppings that are included.



The other items I’ve tried on the menu were also good but I wouldn’t say that they were my favourite and those dishes didn’t make this restaurant stand out to me as much as the Shoyu Ramen.


  1. Kotteri Shoyu Ramen – YOU HAVE TO GET THIS
  2. Spicy Miso Ramen
  3. Black Tan Tan Noodle
  4. Shoyu Tsuk’emen.

In depth review:

1// Kotteri Shoyu Ramen 

Don’t know how many more times I can say this except for the fact that this is literally the best thing I’ve ever had in my life. It’s literally my go-to ramen when I come here. The toppings are great, the soup base is amazing – not to salty but really flavourful, and the noodles are like no other ramen places (in a very good way!)

2// Spicy Miso Ramen

This was the most suggested item from the restaurant itself. Don’t get me wrong it’s still good but it’s not as great as the other one in my opinion!! I got Lucas to try this one and the Kotteri Shoyu Ramen and he definitely agrees that the Kotteri is what makes this restaurant special whereas this one was pretty average. However, definitely give this a try if you really like miso base or if you’re craving spicy.

3// Black Tan Tan Noodle

This dish was interesting because you were able to grind the black sesame seeds and pour it into the soup base yourself. However, what I didn’t like about this dish was that it was pricier than the classic ramens ($13.80 rather than $11 something) and it didn’t include as many toppings – it didn’t have egg, seaweed, etc #WhatIsUpWithThatCmonMan. The soup base for me was also a little to salty for my liking so when I got this to try I immediately regretted not getting the one I usually get RIP 😥 #DramaQueenHour.

4// Shoyu Tsuk’emen

This is their “dip ramen”. Basically the soup on the left is not only SUPER HOT but there is only very little quantity of it. The idea is that you eat the ramen by dipping into the soup rather than eating it together. The noodles here are thicker and much chewier than your classic ramen-in-soup. I got this really to try it out but I didn’t actually like it too much because I’m more into eating the noodles and drinking the soup at the same time. Also, just like the Black Tan Tan Noodles, this dish was also on the saltier side which I didn’t like. AND the noodles were on the colder side since it’s not in the soup itself so overall the dish was kind of cold. I would recommend trying this more for the experience or if you really like dip ramen but overall this was not a favourite of mine.

I’ve also tried their vegetarian ramen (just a few bites from Lisha!) and I can honestly say that the soup base was just as good despite the fact that it’s not from actual meat! If you are a vegetarian, definitely give this place a try.


  1. Chicken Karaage
  2. Cold Peach Jelly Sake

In depth review:

1// Chicken Karaage

Karaage (Japanese fried chicken) is always good no matter where you go and this place is no exception. This appetizer didn’t particularly stand out amongst other restaurants but regardless, good Karaage overall.

2// Cold Peach Jelly Sake

This item was pretty pricey ($9) for a small can but it was DELICIOUS. Also it was a really cool thing to try because the drink comes out in Jelly form!

Black Tan Tan Noodle.
Shoyu Tsuk’emen.

I hope you liked this episode of Must Eat in Toronto! Talk to you all next week!! ❤


Ritz Gals x JBRs // Happy Birthday, Hanna!

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Still a bit pretty sick but didn’t want to miss out on Hanna’s birthday last Saturday!



I don’t know who made the Jell-O shots but they were amazing :’) #TeachMeYourWays


If you’ve ever wondered what a bunch of girls dressed in Aritzia looks like, just refer to the picture above. I think literally every single article of clothing is from ritz #WeDontShopAnywhereElseAnymore

Thought it’d be neat if I included what is being worn above so check out the following links (and visit us ;D) #SalesAssociateAfterHours #myaritzia?


IMG_2705 Headed over to JBRs afterwards! 🙂
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Fourth of July


I was in a rude awakening today when Vancouver reminded me of just how bipolar it can be. I haven’t had bipolar weather in awhile just because living in Ontario during the winter months, I know my #OOTD everyday includes a winter parka and snow boots. In Taiwan, I know that even being naked will not help with the heat so I try to dress as little as humanly possible in the most socially acceptable manner. But Vancouver?! MY FRIEND, LET ME TELL YOU, NO CLOTHES WILL PREPARE YOU UNLESS YOU CARRY A DAY PACK. Listen. In the morning you wake up to beautiful sunshine with the sun rays glistening on your skin. You assume it’s going to be beautiful weather so you walk out with a nice sun dress and sunglasses. But then BAM. In the afternoon it’s pouring rain and the temperature drops 10 degrees. I thought only girls get PMS, I didn’t think Mother Nature itself had it too #GuessIWasWrong.

pretty much

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My 20th Bee-Day

I AM STILL ALIVE. And I’m not saying that because I turned 20 not long ago but because I haven’t been posting in awhile #Sorry #BlameBiz2257 #NothingIsEverMyFault #JustRememberThatFutureBoyfriend. When I started this blog, I wanted to blog about my life so one day I can look back and remember each day/week/whatever in detail. Then I realized that majority of my posts have been on things that happened ages ago. #DefeatsThePurpose #YouGoLisa

what are you doing, girl?!

Since I’ve basically been doing my own thing instead of doing what I said I was gonna do… I’ll try to start posting more of the things that are happening in the present-ish 🙂 #AboutTime #NotTheMovie.

Last Thursday, I celebrated reaching the 2 decade milestone on this planet. I was so blessed to have my CAISA famjam there for the first moments of my birthday #BestPeopleEver #Trust.

It was kind of a sad moment for me because it was the last meeting with this year’s exec team, but I guess Victor’s sparkler made up for that.

Thanks, Vic!

Once I got home from the meeting #GotARide #SpecialTreatment #ThanksVic, my two lovely roomies greeted me with a cake. But that wasn’t the best part. They made me this DVD with a collection of our videos this year.

Media and Marketing (missing half of our group)

Let me first explain what’s going on before I give you the link because it’s slightly embarrassing. In the beginning of the year, after I met these two equally crazy individuals, we had the idea to make videos of us just talking about our days.

We wanted to document everything (just like with me and this blog) so we could remember this year at Western. But things sort of got out of hand when we really started to believe that nobody would ever see these, hence us being too much ourselves. The DVD they made me is actually 30 minutes long but Marga shortened it. I mean, if you really want to watch all 30, definitely let me know LOL #DoubtIt.


After my biz class, I went to Popeye’s with Janet, Shay, and Alan because we love fried chicken and there was a good deal #CoolStoryBro #ButReallyItWasCool. At this point in time it was already pretty late so I had to quickly grab my free Starbucks and begin on my assignment that was due in 6 hours #ILoveProcrastinating. Oh yeah, I also needed to start and finish my CAISA director application for next year because it was also due that night and I definitely wanted to see those lovely faces again so I basically rushed through everything and had a panic attack #CanYouTellByThisSuperLongSentence.


If you don’t know what Popeye’s is, you’re probably from BC. Basically, it’s ON’s version of Church’s Chicken. Tbh, my fave is still KFC … LOL

After almost getting my brain fried #WasItTheFriedChicken #DramaQueenHour, I had to get ready to go to… *drum roll please, thanks* NERVO! #OHYEAH


And… basically my writing ends here because I don’t quite seem to remember so I’ll just… yeah… say goodbye now… #Awkward