Café Cancan // Episode 4 Must Eat (Toronto)

Hi everyone!

It’s Monday!!!!! you know what that means 😉 #WorstDayEver but at least you have THIS post to look forward to right?!?!?! 😉

Not to remind you every damn week (but I’m gonna until it sticks), if you are tuning in for the first time, I’ve started a food series where I write about one of my favourite restaurants (every Monday 9pm EST) that includes my pictures and personal recommendations. And yes, only the favourites will make it on to these blog posts so if I don’t like it, I won’t write about it #ItsADogEatDogWorld. Anyway, for more information, check out my first post on Nomé Izakaya where you can get dollar oysters every Tues & Wednesdays and hands down one of my favourite restaurants in the GTA.

This episode is going to be another photogenic place with amazing food (seriously the best combination)…


Café Cancan seriously has their shit together. This is one of those restaurants where you walk in and you’re like YAAASSS. Because you can honestly tell that every little thing was thoroughly thought of. A+ for effort if you ask me. Even their washrooms are adorable (don’t have a  picture for y’all, I’m sorry). Not only is this place beautiful on the outside, it is also beautiful on the inside :’) aka the food is amazing (duh or else I wouldn’t be writing about it), but also the décor is on point. Btw, this is a French restaurant.

Before we start officially, let me begin with a disclaimer which is the fact that I’ve only gone here once (because I just discovered it and ate there so I can’t hold it in anymore … I gotta share). So I can’t give you the best best list of recommendations (but the beauty is that each time I go, I’ll come back and update this list!) but I can definitely tell you the food I’ve already had and some of the things I want to try in the future.

Outfit details: Sweater: Calvin Klein Coat: Aritzia Stedman Coat Boots: Jeffrey Campbell

This time, I went there for lunch (not brunch), but the next time I go, I’m definitely going to come when they’re serving brunch (only on weekends) and dinner.


  • Located @ Spadina & Harbord – not exactly right at the intersection but v close!
  • If you are driving, there a bunch of street parking.. and here’s the best part… IT’S FREE! (thank mighty God)
  • Reservations allowed – they’re really good about it!
  • Exact address: 89 Harbord Street, Toronto, ON, M5S 1G5


Since it’s a French restaurant and I went with Lucas, I knew he wanted to try the escargots but it’s only offered at dinner… but thankfully the wait staff was nice enough to ask the kitchen and they made it for us at lunch anyway.

  1. Roast Beef Sandwich
  2. Escargots – THIS WAS AMAZINGGG omg. We got bread to go along with it and we ate every last drop. If you’ve never tried escargots I highly recommend trying it here!
  3. Cappuccino 

If you’ve ever tried brunch or dinner here, please let me know your recommendations! 😀 I would love to hear them.

Enjoy your week everyone!



Nome Izakaya // Episode 1 Must Eat (Toronto)

Hi guys!

I’m really excited to announce that I’m going to be starting a new segment on the blog EVERY MONDAY NIGHT 9PM EST that includes everyone’s favourite topic… FOOD! Many of you have are already victims of my food spams on Instagram stories… #SorryNotSorryByDemiLovato, but now I wanted to give you a more in depth review of some of my favourite places in Toronto / GTA (or wherever I may be). Follow #GetaweiFood on here and on Instagram!



To introduce this series I thought I’d explain how this works: every week, I will try to go to a different restaurant (okay this shouldn’t be hard let’s be real because if you’ve been following along you probably already know that I eat out at least twice a week #oops). I will only write about this restaurant IF it makes it to my own personal scale of at least 4 stars (and obviously up to you to trust whether or not my personal star rating system is good or not…) besides, I’m not a licensed food critic by any means but I’d like to say that I eat enough to know what is worth the splurge and what is worth the purge (I MADE THAT UP MYSELF I’M SO PROUD :D). Note that these restaurants will include a range of everything – cheap eats, fancy eats, different cuisines, etc etc you get the point.

Anyway, that being said, I’m currently taking recommendations to all restaurants of all categories (maybe be mindful of my budget because I’m still a very broke post-grad #ThanksRichardIveyAndExchange) so feel free to send some over and I will be sure to credit you!!!!

So without any further ado, introducing the first restaurant of these series………. *drum roll please*……. NOME IZAKAYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I honestly feel like a talk show host… honestly what network is currently hiring because I’m v down to apply). I wanted this to be my very first post because not only did I just go there recently again (I think I’ve been there about 30 times now no lie) but also because this actually might be my #1 favourite restaurant in the GTA, plus my insta stories got so many responses asking for this and the girls I went with loved it so I have to share it with you!!! ❤

Keep in mind that this is my first post so if I’m missing any information that you believe is essential to reading, do not hesitate to message me. This will help improve the blog posts to come!

My personal rating: *****


  • They have dollar oysters every Tuesday and Wednesdays!!!
    • They also have different types of sauces for oysters. This is a great chance for people who have been wanting to try oysters to get it because it’s so cheap 

  • Their Japanese food itself (cooked portion) is amazing – everything on the menu is pretty good
  • They have a nice patio in the summer time


  • If you plan to go on Tuesday or Wednesday for Dollar Oysters… you MUST make a reservation (or the wait times will be horrendous!!) – you can do this online very easily
  • Located @ Yonge & Sheppard – VERY CLOSE TO THE SUBWAY STATION – literally a 1 min walk or less
    • Yes, I know, this isn’t technically in downtown but don’t let this hold you back because it’s very accessible by subway
  • If you are driving you can park directly behind the restaurant, the code for Green P parking is 403 (download the app and pay for parking directly through your phone)
  • Exact Address = 4848 Yonge St, North York, ON M2N 5N2 (I don’t know why you would need the postal code but I’m just gonna give that to you anyway in case you want to send them fan mail or what not)


***Disclaimer: these are my personal favourites and suggestions

// Must Get

  • $1 oysters!!!!!!!!!!! (only Tues & Wed)
  • Chicken Karaage (fried chicken)
    • This is one of my favourite dishes in all Japanese places!
  • Marinated Short Ribs
  • Double Salmon Roll
  • Apple Salmon Roll
    •  This is my personal favourite but some people like the Double Salmon better!


  • Baked Oysters
    •  If you’ve never tried a baked oyster in your life… you are truly missing out. You have to try this!!!!!!!!!
  • California Style Sashimi Donburi (this is rice + salad in a bowl basically – think of Japanese styled Chipotle hahaha)

// Try Something New

  • Oct-wasabi (Tako Wasabi)
    • This dish will surprise you if you haven’t tried this before – it has a strong wasabi taste but it is extremely pleasant! However, stay away if you don’t like octopus, wasabi, seaweed, or if you are very sensitive to spicy things
    •  Put the Octopus on the seaweed, wrap it, and enjoy!
  • Deep Fried Pork Belly
    •  This dish is very fatty but sooooo good

These are just the things I’ve tried and recommend so far. The rest of their menu is also amazing and I highly recommend exploring around!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!! Happy eating everyone 😀





Andrews’ Scenic Acres

To celebrate my 5 year friendaversary with Kristina, we decided to actually do something for the day rather than our usual pig out & drink out #IMadeThatUp #ImSoProud. I stumbled upon pictures of the flower field at Andrews’ Scenic Acres and decided that would be the perfect place to have our Sunday Funday. Anyway, after last week’s failed trip to a lavender farm and going to Scarborough Bluffs instead, I learned my lesson and decided to call ahead of time JUST TO MAKE SURE they’re opened and the flowers were still there. Unlike lavenders, these flowers are thankfully still in season (honestly how does anybody except some plant expert know what is in season and what is not?! LOL #NotMe) and the sun’s still holding up so I decided to drive us ALLLLLL THE WAY TO MILTON (reminds me of driving to Western which I should have done this weekend to go to HOCO… sigh…)

The farm also has a corn field which means you also have the option of picking corn. I wanted to do this SOOO BADLY (FYI I love corn I don’t know if you wanted to know that but I’m telling you anyway) but when we got there a lot of the corn were dead. You can tell that it’s been cooked by the sun :'(. I was also planning to buy it but it was soooo expensive like $1 each like honey, I usually buy mine for like 4 for $1 at Kingsfarm in Vancouver. Anyway, wow, this is turning into a corn rant. We didn’t walk out empty handed though because we took pictures instead 😉 #SeeWhatIDidThere.

After finishing up at the corn farm we walked back to the flower field to take pictures. We really wanted someone to take one of the two of us so (NO SHAME) we walked ALL THE WAY across the field literally hunting someone down just for a picture.

my beautiful bestie ❤

Hope you all had a nice weekend! Definitely check this farm out when you get the chance… it’s the perfect summer-fall transition activity 🙂



Scarborough Bluffs

This week’s Sunday Funday adventure includes Lucas and I finally visiting Scarborough Bluffs. To be completely honest with you, this wasn’t really our first choice plan… we originally wanted to visit a lavender farm but WHO KNEW (probably everybody except us) that lavender farms are only in the summer?! #WTF #WhyIsItNotBasedOnMYSchedule. Thankfully we realized this the night before as opposed to driving 1 or 2 hours (depending on which farm we had decided to visit) and then realizing it was all for nothing. Anywho, we ended up spending the day with Lucas’s family and then visiting the Bluffs later on.

After doing a bit of research, I realized that you could get to the Bluffs by either hiking there or driving directly there. Being the Vancouverite I am, you would expect me to choose the hiking route. And you are not wrong… usually I would probably do that. BUT NOT TODAY MY FRIEND. I don’t know about you, but lately it’s been HOT AS F***************. Here I am getting ready for fall, planning to go to the mall for some fall clothes and you hit me with a heat warning?! #RUKiddingMe. Anyway, since it was 30+ degrees out, I ain’t down for the hike. We drove directly to the viewpoint to look around and take pictures.

So here’s the thing about the Bluffs. If you’ve gone you probably know this already. First of all, the picturesque parts of the Bluffs looks amazing to walk on but in reality, when you start to walk on it, it begins to feel more like walking the plank than anything else. If you have acrophobia like me, attempting to walk on whatever you call that thing is a real leg weakener. In fact, Lucas didn’t even bother walking on it. Don’t tell him I told you but he’s more scared of heights than people are scared of spiders. One time I took him on the Capilano Suspension Bridge (in Vancouver) and the poor guy was holding on for his dear life the entire time. #DKM #IHadABlastWatchingHim

someone tell Lucas this is a nice photo and he needs to post on instagram more

Anywho, there’s two viewpoints I would say. One viewpoint is a little more obvious and another one is sort of out of the way. The first one looks like this:



And the second one looks like this:

I’m telling you, this one was a struggle to get to!!

I had to sit down after my knees got so weak from walking this thing LOL MY ACRO IS SOO BAD

Just a disclaimer, to get to the second one you have to go down this really steep path first but it’s pretty worth it IMO! 🙂


While I was up there I got to see a bunch of people in the beach area on their yachts or their jet skis which gave me SO MUCH FOMO and reminded me of the last time I went jet skiing. If I ever win the lottery I’m definitely buying a private yacht. Or jet. and definitely jet skis.

do you see the jet skis in the back? 😥 #fomo


Anyway, hope you guys had a great weekend and didn’t burn to death with the weather lately!!



Bralette: Aritzia
Forever 21 (borrowed it from Lucas’s sister Jennifer <3)
Shorts: Aritzia
Stan Smith


How to Survive a Long Distance Relationship

Hi guys!

Thought I’d write about a specific topic this time. Thank you for those who submitted questions through my DM. Hopefully I answered yours in here!

This past year Lucas and I did long distance 4 times due to me going on exchange, me going to Vancouver… basically I ruined everything. BUT ANYWAY… Even though long distance intervals weren’t as long as some other couples, this past year has definitely taught me a thing or two about LDRs so I thought I would share. And honestly, in this day and age, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve already done some long-distancing yourself or will experience it in the future. With so many school and job opportunities popping up all over the world, it’s hard say where you’ll end up.

Before I get started, just throwing a disclaimer out there: I’m no long distance expert. In fact I’m not even a relationship expert. I can’t count the number of times I’ve said “I hate you” and then regretted it 5 seconds later and then Lucas feeds me then I’m good again #truestory. But anyway read on if you think my experience is credible (can’t promise anything though… LOL). If not, then gtfo 🙂

WITHOUT FURTHER ADO… these are just some of the things that I’ve found useful in my own personal LDR (aka what avoided fights the most LOL):


When you wake up, your “big event” of the day, and when you go to sleep.

This almost goes without saying but the two most important times to communicate to your significant other is the minute your eyes open from whatever you were dreaming about and the moment you’re about to put your phone down for good. Nothing gets a person (or more specifically, the person you’re dating) more livid than waking up and not getting any messages. Or you suddenly going awol without warning. I’m not saying you need a whole ritual or speech written, I just mean a simple hello and goodbye (okay don’t actually say “goodbye” or that’s probably gonna cause fights too) to give them a heads up.

When I say “big event” of the day, I’m referring to one thing in your day that is different than every other day. If you work Monday-Friday, you don’t need to tell them “hey babe, I’m working today… again. Just like yesterday. And the day before.” Like dude, we get it. you just need to tell them if there is something about that day that is different. FOR EXAMPLEEEE…  if you’re seeing your friends after work that day *cough* Lucas *cough* LOL I’m just kidding not really. Or if that day you’re actually taking a break and doing nothing. Yes, doing nothing is also something you could tell them.

I’m not saying that you have to “report” to your significant other – that is not the point of communicating these things. The whole purpose of this is to keep them up to date as to what you’re doing – sort of as if they’re in the same city as you.

2. have something to look forward to

This part might not always be possible, but I found that when there’s a time to look forward to it always helps.

This just means knowing when you’ll actually be together next. When will you see each other again? Christmas? Easter? Thanksgiving? etc. Even if you don’t have a specific date or your flight date booked, just knowing a ballpark of when you’ll see each other is super important.

On a related note, it’s also healthy to talk about the end game of your long distance altogether. What I mean by that is… there’s a difference between when you’re seeing each other next and when you’re going to finally be together forever.

3. create a bucket list for the next time you see each other

When you’re in a LDR, your imagination has to take over. If ya know what I mean 😉 #TryingToKeepThisPG13. But tying in my last point, another thing that helps let the time pass is creating a bucket list together of all the things you would do once you see each other. This is even more important for people who don’t know when they’ll be able to see their SOs (significant other) so it gives them something else to look forward to. For example, for Lucas and I, we talked about all the activities/hikes we would do once he gets to Vancouver. I find that when you’re thinking about these activities, it takes your mind off just how long it’ll be the next time you see them.

4. DO NOT let facetime/skype take over your life

Just because you’re in a LDR does not mean you have to spend every second of your free time on FaceTime. Personally, I found that the healthiest way is to find a balance. Lucas and I actually preferred that we didn’t FaceTime every single day but when we both have the time or those times when we really want/need to speak to each other over FaceTime. The key is to not make your FaceTime/Skype sessions feel like a burden. When you schedule it every single day, it could feel like it is holding you back on some of your other priorities, which could also result in resentment towards your SO. But if you are the type to Skype every day, one tip could be to not let every single one of your sessions drag out for hours. The last thing you want is to force communication or for your partner to be overly tired but are too afraid to say no. You still want to keep each other on your toes and feel the excitement every time you each other on the screen.


I like to relate a LDR to being hungry (LOL I would relate everything to food). You know when you’re really really hungry and you still don’t get to eat, eventually that hunger dies and your stomach just feels numb and you’re not really feeling it anymore? Then when you know you’re about to go eat (eg. after you’ve ordered your food) you get this rush of emotions where you feel even more impatient and agitated? (Maybe it’s just me… LOL).

ANYWAY what I’m trying to say is that a LDR is sort of like that. In the beginning you feel super deprived and you’re like WHYYYYY IS THIS HAPPENINGGGGGG. But after several weeks you start to get the hang of it and you don’t feel like you’re dying anymore #DramaQueenHour. But once you know when you’re going to see each other again, the week before seems to get really tough again and fights happen more easily (yep, this happened to us 4 times).

Understanding this timeline is important because when you feel extremely down, you know that you’ll start getting used to it in awhile so knowing that in and of itself is uplifting.

6. take advantage of your DEAD times

Every single one of us have dead times every single day. That is, times when there’s  literally nothing to do but for a short amount of time. Eg. when you’re waiting in line for your coffee at Starbucks. When you’re waiting for the bus/train to come. When you’re waiting for your friend who’s always late (LOL that’s me #oops). You get the point. I love taking advantage of this time by calling Lucas or my friends and family back at home. If they don’t have time to talk to me, I like to use this time to send snapchats, leave voice messages, or even writing a longer text to let them know I’m thinking about them.

7. consider doing netflix sharing


found this image on the internet LOOOOL that’s actually so funny.

If you’re one of those couples that love to watch shows together… HAVE NO FEAR. There’s actually an application for Chrome that allows you to share your Netflix screen. I downloaded it but personally haven’t had the chance to use it.  But here it is!! 🙂

BOTTOM LINE: should you try it???

To answer this question you would have to really understand your situation. What I mean by that is if you’re doing long distance for short periods of times (eg. I did long distance 2 months at a time but would see each other after that), then the answer is probably. 2-3 months go by pretty fast so if you’re going to see each other every summer, winter, and spring break, this is very doable but it still takes a lot of effort on both ends. You should also consider whether or not there is an end to this long distance.


I haven’t done these “advice” posts before so let me know what you think. If you’ve been in one before… was this post relatable? What would you add?
But either way, I hope this helped!